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SJKC Tuan Poon, 

Johor Bahru

16th May 2018

It is our first CSR School Tour Programme in 2018 which was held at SJK Tuan Poon, Johor Bahru. The event is joined by fellow teachers & students in conjunction with Teachers Day. We managed to deliver toothbrushes worth estimated RMIOOO.OO to the school as a charity.


SJKC Machap, 


2nd July 2018

" We are absolutely delighted to receive this donation and distribute them to our beloved students. May FAFC will continue to succeed in the future. "


SK Tmn Bukit Kempas,

Johor Bahru

 7th July 2018

" Managed to get toothbrushes worth worth RMlK for FREE from MLG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Soon, a program will be conducted to distribute these toothbrushes. "


SJKC Sentral Paloh,


18th July 2018

" What a delight it was for all of us here to receive a donation of toothbrushes from MLG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd & FAFC. "


SJKC Sri Lalang,


 24th July 2018

" The kids are so happy and extremely excited to receive a toothbrush of their favourite cartoon. So we would love to say thank you for this donation. "


SJKC Ping Ming,


24th Sept 2018

" We would like to thank MLG MANUFACTURING SDN BHD for FAFC CSR programme. The students are happy when they get the toothbrush. The quality of the toothbrush is good and suitable for the student. "


SJKC Sayong,

Johor Bahru

9th Oct 2018

" On behalf of the schools, we would love to thank MLG MANUFACTURING SDN BHD for their generous donation & continuous support. We wish for many upcoming success for your company in the future "


SJKC Choon Hua,


22nd Oct 2018

" We would like to express our gratitude & appreciation towards MLG Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for sponsoring our beloved students with their high-quality toothbrushes. May FAFC brand continue to expand in the market. "


SJKC Gunong Hijau Pusing,


16th Nov 2018

" Special thanks to MLG Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for their generosity. Our school are delighted to receive this sponsorship. Hopefully, we can collaborate more in the future. "


SK Tmn Seri Rampai,

Johor Bahru

16th Jan 2019

" What a great way to kick-start our new year at the school. We are absolutely grateful for this big sponsorship from MLG Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd & FAFC. "


SJKC Yit Chee,


18th Feb 2019

" This huge CSR Programme by MLG Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. means a lot to us as teachers & fellow students. For sure that we will continue to support this FAFC brand in the future.  "